Colon Cleansing with Triphala

Colon is an extremely important part of our body. It is mandatory to keep the colon clean because of the fact that many health related complications are bound to rise if we fail to do so. One of the widely used methods to do the needful is colon cleansing with Triphala.

Triphala is probably the most popular and efficient herb found in the entire world. It has the gift of ayurveda and is used in all parts of the world. Triphala has been in use from many centuries. From ancient times, Triphala has been used to cure a lot of diseases and wounds.  

You can carry out colon cleansing with the help of oxypowder and P and B shake. However, Triphala is more efficient than both of them and hence colon cleanse with Triphala is highly recommended. There are people who do not agree that Triphala is more effective than oxypowder and P and B shake and hence the above claim is arguable. But there is no doubt in the fact that there are plenty of benefits of colon cleansing with the use of Triphala and many would agree with this.

The most important objective of any ayurveda method or medication is that the food consumed by an individual should be digested in the best possible manner and is used to supply energy to the individual. We eat different types of food and consume various beverages. We are always under the impression that all the food that we eat goes in our body and supplies the needed energy by converting into blood. However, this is not always the case. There are different types of foods that fail to provide us the energy required no matter how much ever quantity we consume.

Our body parts such as toenails, fingernails and hair would only get the proper nutrition and would only remain healthy if you are able to keep the colon clean and maintain it in a proper way.  Toxic in colon leads to gas problems and digestion complications.

The reason Triphala colon cleansing is highly recommended is due to the fact that it has the ability to stimulate the intestinal walls which results into encouragement of peristalsis. Triphala has the ability to tonify and strengthen the colon. One of the biggest advantages of Triphala is the fact that it clears the digestive system and helps maintain it in good condition. If an individual can maintain his/her digestive system then he/she can be rest assured that they are not prone to almost all the major diseases and health complications.

By using Triphala for the purpose of colon cleansing you can get other benefits. Triphala would help you immensely to reduce your cholesterol levels and keep you fit. It is purifies the blood and also helps maintain healthy blood pressure along with playing an important role in decreasing the blood pressure if an individual is suffering from high blood pressure.   

You can buy commercial products like Triphala Internal Cleanser in order to carry out colon cleansing with Triphala method. The Triphala Internal Cleanser is available at most of the pharmacies and you can even make use of the internet to buy one as well. It is highly recommended that you use Triphala which is available in the powder form. Usually an individual would take about 1 or 2 spoons of Triphala mixed with some water. To get maximum result out of the colon cleanse with Triphala method you would be best served if you repeat this action for about three times in a day.

Triphala just works like an over all cleanser. You must be buying cleansing products to clean your car and the furniture in the house. Triphala is a cleanser for your body. The human body is just like a car and consists of different types of organs just the way a car consists of different types of machines and parts. A car usually breaks down if even one of the machines fails to function properly. Do not let the same thing happen to your body.

One of the biggest advantages of Triphala is the fact that most of the people can use the Triphala without any complications. This is because it is an ayurvedic product and hence it is very obvious that it does not carry any kinds of side effects at all. Triphala is also very reasonable as compared to some of the other methods of colon cleansing.

So if you are one of those who is facing the problem of improper digestion, poor sexual performance, easy weight gain and most of the other symptoms then you surely need to undergo a colon cleansing session and what can be better then a colon cleanse with Triphala method, isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Try the process of Colon cleansing with Triphala and let the magic work on you .

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Colon cleansing foods

Most of the experts around the world believe that a diet based on plant is the best way of reducing colon cancer risks. A plant based diet has proven to be very beneficial for a healthy colon. It is very important that your daily diet consists of Fiber as it is a highly important constituent.

Beans, nuts, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts are some of the things that have high content of fiber in them. A high fiber diet helps to sweep away the debris that must have got accumulated inside the colon and supports a very healthy digestive system. Infact, in simple words you can also say that fiber just works like a broom. It is therefore a known fact that fiber is probably one of the best colon cleansing foods.

A certain amount of fiber is essential in our day to day diet for the purpose of colon cleansing. This fiber can be soluble fiber as well as insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber helps prevent constipation and is well known to eliminate waste. Beneficial bacteria are increased with the help of soluble fibers. There are plenty of different sources of soluble and insoluble fibers that are easily available. Oats and flax seeds are probably the best sources that provide both insoluble as well as soluble fibers. Cabbage, peas, carrots, beets, apples and citrus are some of the other sources that can be used to intake fibers.

Apart from fibers, green foods are also known to be great colon cleansing foods. Wheatgrass, alfalfa and barley are very efficient when it comes to colon cleansing. The healing of the damaged tissues in the digestive track is done by the chlorophyll components. They also help the body by removing toxins and by helping the body draw more oxygen. Chlorophyll is popularly known as the internal deodorant.

One of the simplest ways of colon cleansing is by drinking loads of water. Water is also known as a great colon cleanser . Intake of insufficient amount of water would result in constipation and the toxic levels in the body go on increasing. Water is known to be a universal solvent and it is therefore very necessary that an individual drinks large amount of water for the purpose of colon cleansing. It is highly recommended to have around six to ten lasses of water on a daily basis. Infact, water is known to be the most natural out of all the colon cleansing foods that mankind has seen. Water allows the cells to rebuild and keeps an individual’s tissue clean by colon cleansing.

You need to understand the fact that a complete colon cleansing method begins with fasting. However, fasting is not possible for every individual due to various reasons. Eating colon cleansing foods is very important and essential. More important is that you eat such type of food for a longer period of time and on a consistent basis if you wish to see positive colon cleansing results.

Usually, an individual would have to follow the colon cleansing diet for about three to four weeks. However, this period can be increased or even decreased depending upon the fact that how healthy the individual’s diet has been and what is the amount of waste that has been impacted in the colon. Usually, the colon cleansing diet period is longer than four weeks due to the fact that most of the people today are engaged in eating junk and processed food which is far from being called a healthy diet.

You can make a list of colon cleansing foods and start the diet program accordingly. You can begin with only one colon cleansing food in the start of the diet program and go on to add more food items as your body starts adapting to the diet. One of the most important things that you need to take care is eating as less cooked food as possible. Steamed vegetables is probably the most highly recommended colon cleansing diet cooked foods.

Eating raw fruits and vegetables can also be of immense help. They are also known to be great colon cleansing foods. Berries, apples and prunes are the most popular colon cleansing diet program fruits that an individual should consume on a regular basis. However, these are just highly recommended but you can consume any other fruit of your choice and taste. Spinach, beet greens, watercress and broccoli are some of the vegetables that are extremely beneficial for the purpose of colon cleansing. An individual may eat how much ever of the above fruits and vegetables without worrying about any kind of side effects.

You can also eat seeds and nuts and it is recommended that you eat them raw. Flax seeds is infact considered by many as a miracle food and has got many benefits including lowering cholesterol. These are some of the best colon cleansing foods.

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Colon cleanse weight loss

Overweight has always been a major issue especially in the United States of America like many other countries in the world. No individual likes to have the extra fat in his/her body and to carry it everywhere along with them. Overweight or obesity also leads to lot of health complications. Some of these health problems may even turn serious if proper attention is not given towards the weight and the maintenance of it.

Many people wonder why they are overweight and don’t know why they tend to gain weight faster as compared to other people of the same age. Well, there is no real scientific universal answer to this question as different individuals gain weight because of different reasons. Some people just have the tendency to gain weight faster because of genetic reasons while some of them gain weight as they don’t pay proper attention to their diet and physical fitness. In today’s world people have no time to spend for workout as they are busy managing other things in life. However, the bottom line is that every overweight individual wishes to shed off the extra kilos that he/she has gained.

People adopt different methods to shed that stubborn extra fat they have amassed. Some join gym and other fitness centers while some appoint personal fitness instructors at home. Some start running and swimming regularly. However, very few people try and reach to the root cause of the problem of overweight.

Very few people understand the fact that you can easily maintain proper weight if your stomach is clean and your digestive system is in proper shape. There are some people who have the habit of eating even when they are not feeling hungry. They develop a habit of eating junk food like French fries or chips while they are sitting at home and watching television. You need to understand the fact that your stomach is not a godown where you go on depositing some or the other rubbish. Your stomach has a capacity and if you over eat then the stomach is no longer able to digest the extra food.

Colon cleansing is a very good way of cleaning your stomach and making the digestive system function in the most proper way. You might get a shock of your life when you hear the fact that there are cases where in about 30 pounds of waste has been excreted from a human body after a colon cleansing program.

We have been eating since the time we were born. You can’t even count how many meals you must have had till date, how many burgers you have consumed etc. Imagine the condition of your colon. Plenty of food that we eat gets stuck to the walls of the intestine of our body. The food slowly turns toxic and starts becoming a hassle in the proper functioning of our body especially the digestive system.

Cleansing of the colon means cleaning all the waste and the toxic that must have got accumulated on the walls of your intestine. You would feel a lot of difference once you clean the colon. Your digestive system will become alright and it will start functioning at its best. Once you are able to do this then you would be able to keep a control on your weight . After your digestive system is cleared of the mess you will only feel like eating when you are hungry. However, one thing that you will have to take care after that is to eat healthy food. You will have to maintain a proper nutritive diet and follow it with discipline every single day and avoid eating junk food or food with a lot of oil content.

There is no point of joining the gym and visiting the fitness center and investing money and sweat if you don’t have a clean colon. No matter how much you work out you will never be able to get the desired result out of it.

You should first clean the colon and then you will understand the difference. It will not only help you reduce the excess weight but will also help you maintain the reduced weight. Many people today are able to reduce weight but are not able to maintain it just because their digestive system is not in place. This could be because the colon is not clean and intake of food is just adding more to your problem of over weight.

You need to understand that weight loss is not all about weight lifting, swimming and running. Try and figure out the reason behind the weight gain and then you will able to lose weight in a much easier way.

So if you are facing the problem of overweight and you aspire to lose extra kilos then you should seriously consider a colon cleansing program before you plan to join a fitness center or a gym.

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